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Unlike other snowplow blade extenders, Curbeez doesn’t require you to drill extra mounting holes that carve up your plow blade & compromise your powder coat paint.

Curbeez is a patented snowplow attachment that easily and quickly bolt onto the two or three outer cutting edge bolt holes already available on your plow blade making it usable for just about any snowplow model!


And, instead of taking possibly hours with other manufacturer extenders to measure, drill, align, attach and adjust before you get it right (if at all), it only takes 30 minutes to attach and adjust Curbeez.

Have you ever wanted to:

  • Move snow more efficiently and quickly?

  • Eliminate curb damage and rust marks?

  • Reduce shock to you and your tools?

  • Extend cutting edge life?

  • Decrease the time it takes to clear an area of snow?

If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

Move Snow the EASY WAY

Curbeez directs snow from the outside of your plow blade into the center. This keeps the snow in FRONT of your plow and increases your snow pushing capacity up to 3 times, while adding up to 12” of width to your plow*.


*Check with your local over width requirements.

Allows you to “manage the snow” by putting it exactly where you want it.

Gives you the ability to “scrape and ride” the inside of the curbs without damaging the curb or your plow. Say goodbye to rusty scrapes marks & chip damage on the curbs!

Reduces wear & tear on your truck and plow by adsorbing the shock with our patented strong and durable rubber pads.

Decreases lawn damage by not digging into vulnerable areas with the edge of your plow. The heavy-duty 1.5 inch rubber pads sweep across the grass without letting the cutting edge dig into the dirt.

Extends your cutting edge’s life.

Provides you a two for one product lifespan—the long-lasting, strong and durable rubber scrape pads can be flipped over and used again.

2 for 1

Inboard mounting: Increases plow width up to 12” on most models.

Curbeez comes custom pre-punched to your existing cutting edge bolt pattern. Hardware included.

Strong & durable 1.5 inch rubber pads - designed to take a beating.


With Curbeez, You Leave No Snow Behind!


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